Monday, May 19, 2003

Derby, Matthew; Super Flat Times. Little, Brown paperback 2003
Without a doubt, one of the finest books i've read in a long time. Derby uses fantastic futuristic settings to explore feelings of disillusionment and longings. It is hysterically funny and tragically gross, and the language is a dead-on mix of floundering inarticulate-ness and hyper-conscious intellectualism. It defines an entire lost generation without ever mentioning anything definable. By writing around events and stories, Derby cuts deep and quick to the heart.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Almond, Steve; My Life in Heavy Metal, Grove Press, 1st PB edition, 2003
well, the book redeemed itself, as did the writer. the first story is by far the worst in the book.

my only other criticism is this: in the story "how to love a republican," a woman, a young republican, in the year 2000, is wearing a PILLBOX HAT. huh? only a fashionista or a tragic hipster would attempt such headgear in 2000. i suspect the pillbox may come back into fashion apres "legally blonde two," but for now it stands as a jarring anomaly in an otherwise thoughtful story.
my new rule: never even ATTEMPT to read a book with a blurb from Padgett Powell.