Thursday, July 17, 2003

The NY Times B Team
as long as we're here... i'm going to start keeping track of the NY Times B Team. The B Team first came to my notice after the recent Jayson Blair scandal. Immediately after Blair was fired the staff of the NY Times was all jittery and on edge. I noted the level of reporting in the NY Times had dropped even below what it had been. I read somewhere that this was because the B Team had taken over. The implication was that the B Team, the less experienced reporters and journalists, were flooding the paper with non-stories. My favorite most recent example was a story about how tourists love squirrels.

Today, this story was on the front page of the NY Times print version:
Talking to Me? No, the Cabby's on His Cell
yes, a story about cabbies talking on cell phones. front page. Thank you B Team.

I have no problem with a cab driver using a cell phone, as long as he's using a hands-free adapter. what i do have a problem with, NY Times B Team, besides your small-town penny-saver reporting, is NYC Police using cell phones for personal calls while on duty. Just the other day I almost got hit by a police car on 47th street and 6th ave. The cop driving was talking on a cell phone--a regular, hand-held cell phone. last time i checked, that's illegal in New York.


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