Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Hoban, Phoebe; Basquiat, A Quick Killing in Art, Viking, 1998, hardcover edition
So many errors that I started marking up the book. In fact, so many errors I really can't take anything in the book as truth. I will be listing the factual errors only, and not the grammatical ones. Note: this is just the stuff I know. I'm not going to fact-check everything in the damned book.

page 3: "Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn..." It's Greenwood.
p 7: "Before long, influenced by the Punk movement in England, wildly coiffed young people..." It's a well-established fact that the punk movement in England began when The Ramones toured there in 1976. The Ramones are an American band. Punk began in New York City, not England.
also p 7: "Even slam-dancing was preferable..." Slam-dancing was referred to as pogo'ing in the late 70s.
p 8:"Johnny Rotten gave way to the robotic Devo..." Sex Pistols were formed in 1976. Devo was formed in Akron, Ohio in 1974.
p 9: "to Danceteria on Twenty-third Street..." Danceteria had two locations, one on East 17th St, and, after that one closed, one on East 22nd St. There was a third summer location in the Hamptons that lasted one season.
p 25: "He... had natty hair." what the what the hey? Did she mean nappy?
...more to come...


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