Saturday, May 11, 2002

Leavitt, David, The Lost Laguage of Cranes, Mariner Books, 1997, paperback edition
Not a mistake, exactly, but an oddity. On page 119 a 'Maltese cat' is referenced ("Vanessa is Mother's cat.... Pure-bred Maltese"). However, the Maltese cat is generally called the Russian Blue (see Much more common is the Maltese dog (see, one of those onerous yappy terrier types that require bows and often get included in family photographic xmas cards, dressed as elves or angels. What makes this a particularly vexing detail is that the protagonist's mother is a copy editor. This is exactly the sort of mistake she would have questioned, and perhaps recommended that the author change the reference to refer to a dog, or change Maltese to Russian Blue.


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