Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chupacabra Captured in Texas!

In a story that could only come out of South Texas, a woman insists that she has a dead chupacabra in her freezer. The adorable chupa, which a local mammologist suspects was a gray fox with mange, has allegedly been sucking the blood out of cats and chickens for years on her ranch in Cuero. The rancher, Phylis Canion, says chupa "reached in (to the cages and) pulled the chicken head out, sucked all the blood out, left the chicken in the cage,” while leaving the chicken meat untouched. No word on while Canion has herds of cats.

Canion didn't kill the chupacabra herself, but spirited away the creepy animal's body after it had been hit by a car. She plans on stuffing and mounting the head, and hanging it on her wall.

Canion mused poetically, “The chupacabra is a mythical thing and maybe it is, but this is something…a cross between something.”

Chupacabra caught in South Texas? [KHOU-TV]

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