Friday, July 19, 2002

Oates, Joyce Carol, We Were the Mulvaneys, HC, first printing, 1996

losing the page numbers is my new thing. but somewhere in the first 50 pages of the hardcover edition, a character, Patrick, is tested as having an IQ of 150 or 151, which Patrick thinks is not genius. but it is (online references refer to genius IQ as being 140 or above, or 150 or above). i'm not sure if the character is being hard on himself, or is just wrong. but for the character to be wrong he'd have to actually had researched this and come to the wrong conclusion, or so it seems. Oh! here it is! p 40! "Patrick Mulvaney a genius? Come on! His I.Q. was only 151. ... Not a genius but still rumors spread."

also, there is a cat called E.T.The year is 1976. the movie E.T. came out in 1982. Of course, the text does not specifically refer to the cat being named after the movie, but the other pets have names like Muffin (referring, perhaps, to Oates children's book "Here Comes Muffin") and Silky, typically childish pet names.